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Comprehensive & Flexible IT Solutions.

With the constant evolution of technology, the information exchanged or disseminated in dispersed IT environment has implications of being exposed to various security threats on organizations technology, processes and people. Any security breaches to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal accountabilities, and reduced productivity with brand attrition. Infogen provides business aligned security services and trainings to create and strengthen the security posture of client organizations.

Technical Support

One of the largest subsectors in the BPO industry and the Philippines outsourcing industry is Technical Support. We service databases, administering web servers and monitoring website up time with our technical support services. The support request can reach the engineer by email, chat, ticketing system or by phone.

Site Moderation Support

A lot of websites need content managers to review, check and approve content exchanged between website members. Infogen’s Philippines BPO can service these needs with dedicated webmasters who have a command of the English language and that understand workflow rules and moderation requirements. We specialize in content moderation and vetting protocol. With our Philippines BPO services you can hire a full-time team to quickly and effectively monitor and approve content for your websites or a section thereof. Typically we charge a fixed fee for this service and price projects based on manpower needs, content moderation requirements and the real time deliverable needs. We also have hourly rates available for short term projects.

Transcription Services

Because we are strategically located as a Philippines BPO service provider, transcription needs can be quickly and accurately serviced by one of our transcription experts. Filipino transcriptionists can accurately and efficiently transcribe any English audio file or scanned image into American, UK or Australian English standards. Scanned images from lectures, podcasts, group discussions or old documents can all be transcribed through our services. Using a dedicated worker for this service you save time and money by outsourcing this process. Infogen prices this service both hourly and by a fixed monthly cost.

Data Entry Outsourcing

Using Infogen as a Philippines BPO outsource for data entry provides a realistic and economical approach to an in-house headache. Filipino data entry specialists have specific knowledge in researched and analytical processes for entering data accurately and rapidly. As one of the leading hubs for a BPO, Philippines graduate programs in Metro Manila offer the best IT-equipped graduates to facilitate basic IT functions like data entry effortlessly.

Data entry requires basic internet searching capabilities and data entry efficiency of the researched internet data. Typically, this is used for market research and often a client’s web or software interface is used in this application process.

Infogen prices this Philippines outsourcing service both hourly and for a flat monthly fee per data entry representative.

PA and Secretarial Outsourcing

Outsourcing secretarial services can greatly increase your productivity and enhance your professional effectiveness. Using a Infogen’s trained Personal Assistant or Secretary helps you get rid of some of your ineffective routine by delegating the menial tasks to your assistant.

Trained by our corporate staff, our agents are experts at taking charge and getting things done. Infogen ensures that your personal assistant is equipped with the necessary tools to successfully take charge of your agenda and duties. Infogen charges both hourly and as a fixed monthly fee for this Philippines outsourcing service.

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